Multi-factor authentication is a proven method for securing your account and ensuring that only you can access it. MFA (or 2FA) requires more than just knowing our password but also a second part of evidence provided by an authenticator app on your phone or some other kind like fingerprints before getting full access to all features within the application.

A lot has changed since hackers first got started trying out these automated attacks against companies back in 2014 . Nowadays prevention seems much easier thanks largely due multi - factor auth

Google Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator

Physical multi-protocol security keys provide a way to secure your online account no matter what devices you use. The key comes in multiple interface types, authenticating with two-factor authentication and multi factors while also supporting passwordless sign ons for convenience (if supported by the OS).  Tokens can be used across different operating systems as well so everyone has access without having copies of passwords at their disposal or making any changes themselves.

YUBICO version 5 is an exmple of a physical key that can be used in addition to mulit factor authenticaion.  Google Workspace has fully implimented support for physical Keys. 

NOTE that YUBICO offiers a Key Secured Authenticator which requrires the physical key to open the authenticator.