Have you been having trouble reaching out to consultants or clients? Emails may be getting filtered as SPAM when sending them.  It's possible your email domain is not setup for DKIM authentication, which is used for verifying sender information and preventing spamming.  Wikipedia article on Domain Keys Identified EmailDKIM can be applied to most mail providers, but generally its not setup by default.

For Google workspace, you can Generate a DKIM Key for your Domain.

Once you have the Key, you must add a TXT record for the DKIM Key generated in the process. This will be done at the DNS provider or service you are using. 

After generating DKIM Key and adding the TXT record, It might take up 48 hours for the email authentication to work.  Once propagated, Go back to Admin Console or admin.google.com.

Click on:
Apps -> Google Workspace -> Gmail -> Authenticate Email
Click on Start Authentication.

For Google Workspace, this will confirm that authentication is setup properly.  IF you get an error, check that you copied your Key correctly.  Its quite long and must be pasted as unformatted Text.

If your having any problems with this, please log into help.i-fx.com and send us a support ticket.